My Haunted House

The shocking eyewitness accounts of terrified people whose dream homes have become nightmares are brought to life in vivid, blood-curdling style.

Country: USA

Duration: N/A

Quality: HD

Release: 2013

IMDb: 7.5

Season 1 - My Haunted House
"A pregnant woman, experiences a visit from a spirit inside of a new residence; a single mother finds a frightening entity in the closet of her son."
"A dangerous poltergeist threatens a newly-blended family. A young woman is tormented by visions of her own gruesome death."
"Paranormal activity threatens a young nurse caring for a catatonic patient. A young couple falls prey to a demonic presence in a remote cabin."
Season 2 - My Haunted House
"A single mother's new home holds a secret; a couple is tormented by the meaning of a date that keeps appearing in their new home."
"A young painter is tortured by a violent entity; a teenage girl is threatened by two mysterious children during a thunderstorm."
"A man's childhood fears come to life when he returns to his family's farm after his mother's death; a woman begins to suspect that her withdrawn husband may be causing the unexplainable occurrences in their new home."
"A college student is trapped by a distraught entity; a woman is terrorized by visions of a little girl."
"A college student is tormented by her little sister's imaginary friend; a newly engaged woman sees visions of her fianc\u00e9's widow."
"An earthquake triggers terrifying activity in a house with a dark past; a young woman sees visions in her sleep that lead her to an abandoned hospital."
"When a young woman returns home for her mother's funeral, she soon finds herself being terrorized by dark and twisted visions from the past; after discovering a suicide note, a musician soon learns the shocking history of his new house."
"After visiting an old brothel, a couple is followed home by an entity and soon find themselves at the center of a mysterious haunting; when a woman buys a photograph at a garage soon, she is soon attacked in her own home."
Season 3 - My Haunted House
"A 5-year-old boy claims that his imaginary friend pushed his sister through a second story window; a woman relives the terrifying history of a remote cabin she has rented."
"Two brothers discover a horrifying secret after inheriting a relative's home; a teacher tries to learn the identity of the child-like spirit that is stalking her."
"A man suffering from sleep paralysis captures evidence that something is entering his room; a pregnant woman fears something is trying to harm her unborn child."
"A boy tells his babysitter that a man visits his room in the night; a recovering addict realizes the visions he is seeing at a remote cabin are not hallucinations."
"A psychiatrist questions her own sanity when her patient's roommate begins appearing in her house; a young woman realizes that threats made in chain letters are coming true."
"A woman receives terrifying phone messages from an unknown caller; a baby goes missing after a couple bring an antique rocking chair into their home."
"A mysterious car pulls into a woman's driveway every night; a man is terrorized after moving into an abandoned house on his uncle's farm."
"A family is terrorized after bringing an antique camera into their home; four college graduates plan to spend their summer in a remote cabin in the mountains."
Season 4 - My Haunted House
"A family returns from vacation to enter a nightmare; a woman unwittingly brings a relic from America's first serial killer into her home."
"A woman opens a dress shop in a Victorian home with a terrifying past; a man accepts a job at a remote gas station in the desert."
"A man lives in an abandoned bed and breakfast while he fixes it up; a woman seeks answers at the scene of a mysterious incident."
"A couple moves into a house deep in the woods; a recovering alcoholic must find out if her visions are real or related to withdrawal."
"A woman's recurring nightmare comes to life in her new house; a single mother fears for her son's life."
"Festivities turn to fear during a bachelorette party at a mountain cabin; a woman investigates the truth behind her son's elusive \"friend.\""
"A birthday-party clown takes up residence in a family's home; Santeria practitioners curse a new member of a Miami neighborhood."
"A couple is poisoned during their first night in their new home; a woman's home is plagued by frightening activity after her fiance purchases an antique."
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