The Fuzz

When a string of violent, drug-related crimes rock the seedy Puppet Town neighborhood, Herbie, a puppet cop, must work together with his hapless human partner Sanchez to track down the ...

Genre: Comedy

Director: Christopher Ford

Country: USA

Duration: 22 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2013

IMDb: 6.7

Season 1 - The Fuzz
"Rainbow Brown and his lackeys run the Jellybean trade of Puppet-town. Officer Herbie takes down a thief single handedly after getting his arm caught on a fence. Jake makes a deal with Rainbow Brown and reminds him that he is the boss. Herbie\u2019s wife Abigail stitches up his arm while reminding him of his pending new fatherhood."
"Rainbow Brown gets set up in a jellybean deal. He shoots three strung-out puppets and manages to keep the money. As he leaves he shoots a prostitute puppet and shouts \u201cJake\u201d as he realizes who set him up. Rainbow\u2019s \u201ctragic breach of justice\u201d was highlighted on the Snoopers Report evening news."
"The chief promotes Herbie to Detective for the new Puppet Crime Task Force to show that the precinct takes puppet crimes seriously. She sends him to meet his new partner Detective Sanchez. Sonny the mob boss watches the press conference with his girlfriend Roxy. Jake comes to visit Sonny and gets berated for the puppet massacre. Rainbow Brown shows up with the cash and says he\u2019s had enough. Sonny is impressed by his seriousness because he \u201chates silly\u201d."
"A Public Service Announcement highlights cooperation between puppets and humans. Rainbow Brown runs production and distribution of jellybeans. The puppets spill green oatmeal all over Jake and Sunny appreciates the silly. Herbie challenges Sanchez to a drink-off so he will be on board to work together to become the best taskforce ever."
"Sanchez brings Herbie home drunk and gets berated by Abigail. Rainbow moves up in ranks in Sonny\u2019s eyes while making eyes at Roxy. Detective Sanchez and Officer Herbie get filmed by Strokey Zooms the perverted camera puppet who was recording on the day of the shooting. Rainbow meets up with the Banana Brothers to set up a jellybean deal. He gets crazy with them to prove his street cred."